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What will happen to Bitcoin after all BTC coins are mined

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When all the bitcoins are mined

Around the year 2140, the last Bitcoin of the 21,000,000 possible Bitcoins will be mined. After that, new BTCs will no longer come into circulation. The network will work the same way it does now, but with one important difference for miners: they will only earn from commissions on the network.

Right now, miners earn about 900 BTC per day as rewards for mined blocks and 60-100 BTC commissions. This means that transaction fees are only 7-10% of the miners’ income and without block rewards, they won’t have as much motivation to keep the network going. Does this mean that in 2140, miners will stop supporting Bitcoin and most of them will disconnect from the network?

There are several reasons why this won’t happen:

The popularity of BTC continues to skyrocket, which has steadily increased fee revenue. With this growing user base, there has been a gradual increase in transaction processing fees revenue.

Bitcoin’s decreasing mining volume is a key factor in Bitcoin’s rising value. This in turn means that miners are successfully increasing their revenue through transaction fees. Continuous improvements to miners’ equipment each year make the mining process more efficient, resulting in lower energy costs and higher profits.

It should be noted that Bitcoin’s mechanism of operation and reward system may undergo changes over time. The reduction of mining rewards is gradual over a hundred years, giving all participants ample time to adapt to changes in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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