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What is Node?

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A node, which is a network node, is a server with software connected to the blockchain. Its main function is to verify and validate transactions and blocks, which ensures the security of the network. Interaction between nodes is carried out using P2P protocols.

The main task of a node is to ensure the validity of information in the blockchain. For this purpose, nodes perform verification of transactions and data blocks, ensuring their authenticity. This process helps to secure the cryptocurrency network and prevent fraud.

Nodes constantly compare the information in the blockchain with other network nodes to ensure its correctness and integrity. It is important to note that each block in the blockchain contains information about all previous blocks. Any change in one block will result in a break in the consistency (consensus) of the blockchain.

Some projects reward participants who set up nodes. For example, Aptos has implemented a reward of 300 APT ($3-$4k) for filling out a form and installing a node. Running a node often requires renting a server in the range of $10-$200, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Types of Nodes

  • A full node is a network node that contains a complete blockchain. The owners of such nodes have the right to manage the network. In order to adopt proposals to improve the project, it is necessary to obtain a majority of votes from holders of full nodes. In addition, positive voting results from holders of full nodes can lead to the launch of a hardfork.
  • Lightweight node. To run a lightweight node, the entire blockchain does not need to be loaded, just fragments of it, such as block headers. However, lightweight nodes cannot run without full network nodes, as the latter are the source of blockchain information. Full nodes act as “suppliers” of information to lightweight nodes.
  • A stripped-down full node is a type of network node that removes old blocks to save memory. It stores only the most recent transactions according to the specifications set by the node owner.
  • Mining nodes are network nodes that validate the transactions needed to create new blocks in the cryptocurrency blockchain. Unlike regular nodes, owners of mining nodes receive remuneration for their work.

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