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What is Bitcoin halving?

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After the Bitcoin blockchain was launched in 2009, miners were rewarded 50 BTC for each block mined. This figure was then halved by halving, and so on several more times, until the current reward is 6.25 BTC.

In 2024, the fourth halving will take place, after which the reward for miners will be 3.125 BTC. And all hodlers are waiting for the price to rise, both before the event and a new high after it.

Halving is the programmed limitation of cryptocurrency issuance by reducing the number of new coins mined by miners for each block. Bitcoin halving occurs every 210,000 blocks, about once every four to three years. Each time, the reward for a mined block is reduced by 2 times.

The next halving will take place in the spring of 2024, the exact date depends on the speed of miners. And the complete stop of the first cryptocurrency emission will occur in 2140, after which the miners will receive remuneration only in the form of commissions for transactions.

What is Bitcoin halving?

Historically, bitcoin has updated ATH after each halving, which is also called a four-year cycle. This price behavior is explained by a decrease in the supply of bitcoin on the market as a result of a reduction in issuance. On the contrary, the demand is growing, because every day more and more people learn about cryptocurrencies and decide to invest in them.

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