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Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

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Notcoin Telegram Bot

From November 10 to 11, 2023, a conference called “The Gateway,” an annual event for those who follow the Telegram Open Network (TON) closely, unfolded in the heart of Dubai. In the tread of this event, the audience was wowed by the announcement of a new gaming product from Telegram, which opened up the possibility of mining a token mysteriously named Notcoin. It was this token that became the focus of attention in 2024 when the game was released, causing a whirlwind of enthusiasm in the vastness of the Internet community.

Today we dive into the world of this unique project, which, according to its creators, is called NOT COIN (not coin). But what, in fact, is this initiative from Pavel Durov? What information is available at the moment? Let’s open the veil of mystery around this meme token and take a look at what it has to offer in the cryptocurrency and gaming industry.

Notcoin game review

Notcoin is a very rapidly developing game in Telegram, where each click on a coin earns the player a Notcoin. Participants join squads (channels and chats in Telegram), invite their friends, perform various tasks and climb to the top of leaderboards.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

On January 1, a mysterious clicker with an as yet unknown expiration date was launched, inviting everyone to take part in the game and “mine” coins in the official Telegram bot called Notcoin. This game stands out because it does not require any investment, and Notcoin itself is closely embedded in Telegram, opening wide prospects for its future growth and development.

Airdrop has been confirmed in the social networks of the TON project, but so far there is no specific information about the number of coins that will be distributed to each participant, as well as the reasons and time of this distribution. In one of the Telegram bots, a preliminary Notcoin price has already appeared, where 100,000 tokens can be purchased for 10 dollars. It should be noted that this price is only approximate, and after the listing of the coin on exchanges, it may change significantly. Time will show how circumstances will develop.

Currently, the number of users has surpassed the 12 million mark, with 130,000 people online at any given time and a daily growth rate of 4 million users. Importantly, the token page is appearing on popular exchanges Binance and ByBit, although it is not yet known whether they will include NOT in their listings.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.
Notcoin on the ByBit exchange

However, the BingX exchange published a post saying that if Notcoin gets into the TON mainnet as a smart contract, for example, they will list it.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

How to mine Notcoin

In order to start mining Notcoin, go to the chat of the official Telegram bot and execute the command /start

To enter the game, you need to press the “Play” button. After that, you will be provided with a QR code, which is used to enter the game. At the moment there is no PC version, so you will need a smartphone to continue.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

After completing registration, you will be taken to the main screen of the app, where beginners will have access to starter coins and energy reserves for further mining.

To accumulate Notcoin, simply click on a coin and increase your balance by unlocking new features in the app. This will give you access to additional features and levels in the game.

How to use Notcoin? Gaming rules

Notcoin’s game mechanics are divided into several key sections, each of which brings unique features to the table, helping to enrich the gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at the three main sections: Frens, Earn, and Boosts.

  • Frens: In this section, players can join Frens – a sort of group or community within the game. This provides members with the opportunity to collaborate, share advice and support each other in the pursuit of common goals. The number of friends in Frens directly affects the opportunities for mutual benefits and bonuses.
  • Earn: In this section, players can explore various ways to increase their in-game income. Included here are completing a variety of tasks, participating in promotions and campaigns, and inviting new players to Frens. A member’s activity directly correlates to Notcoin earning opportunities.
  • Boosts: In the Boosts section, players can apply a variety of boosters to increase their income and mining efficiency. These include temporary bonuses that increase token mining speeds and special perks that provide additional in-game benefits. Smart use of gas pedals significantly improves a player’s performance.

Thus, each of these sections contributes to Notcoin’s dynamic and multifaceted gameplay, providing players with a variety of ways to develop and succeed in the exciting world of cryptocurrency gaming.

The enhancements section, accessible via the Boost button in the game, presents various options to improve the mining process. Here are a few of the available boosts and their functions:

🔋Energy Limit:

Increases the maximum energy reserve, allowing the player to perform more mining operations before needing to restore energy.

Speed Booster:

Increases the speed of energy recovery, providing the player with faster recovery from active mining.

👆Multitap (Multitap):

Increases the number of coins mined per tap. This allows the player to collect Notcoin more efficiently with each tap.

🤖Auto-tap bot:

Automatically mines coins even when the player is busy doing other things or resting. Provides a continuous coin accumulation process during the time the player is away.

Rocket (Turbo Mode):

A rocket can appear during the game, which multiplies coins per tap and requires no additional energy. This is a key way for the player to break into the leaderboards.

In addition, free bonuses are available to players daily, including:

  • 🚀Rocket (Rockets): Launch a rocket.
  • ⚡Full energy (Full energy): Full energy replenishment.
  • 💰 Free coins: Providing free coins.

These bonuses are available every day and must be logged in daily to receive them, as they burn off by the next day.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

How Tap bot works in Notcoin

Tap bot in Notcoin is an important enhancement available after reaching the 20,000 coins threshold and joining the Silver League. After acquiring this innovative tool, you will no longer need to engage in the routine process of clicking on the screen. This bot works on a predetermined schedule, automatically accruing coins several times during each day. For maximum effect, it is recommended that you purchase all available upgrades to ensure the maximum number of coins accrued.

To quickly join the Silver League and start earning your first coins, you can use external autoclickers for the games, often available in the app stores. However, once you have purchased an in-game Auto-tap bot in Notcoin, you will no longer need to use an external auto-clicker. This will greatly simplify the mining process, providing a more efficient and convenient way to increase your in-game income.

Leagues and rankings in Notcoin

Leagues and rankings in Notcoin reflect the progress of players in the process of mining this cryptocurrency.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

The league system in Notcoin is divided into five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Each league sets its own points threshold, and when this threshold is reached, the player automatically moves to the next, higher league. Points are awarded for each coin the player earns by tapping.

Squads are groups of players and communities in the game, where any public channel or Telegram chat can become a squad. Squads compete against each other by maintaining an internal leaderboard. For each Notcoin smined, a player receives 1 point for their squad. It is important to note that points are not transferable between different squads.

A player has the ability to invite an entire community to his squad, and all new members become his referrals. Bonuses for inviting friends are also applied when inviting them to a squad, providing additional benefits for active players and encouraging expansion and interaction within the game community.

To create or join a squad, a player can:

  1. Go to the notcoin bot in Telegram at the direct link and send a link to the channel or chat room he wants to join the squad.
  2. In the game itself, click on the “Join Squad” button at the top of the screen. A list of squads will open and the player can choose one of them or click “Join another squad“. In the latter case, he will be taken to a text bot, where he needs to send a link to a public channel or chat.
  3. You can also join a squad from the leaderboard by clicking on the squad, its page will open and there will be a “Join” button.

How to get a lot of Notcoin

To maximize the amount of Notcoin in the game, actively invite your friends by following these steps:

  1. From the main game screen, click “Frens” under the coin image.
  2. Then select “Invite a fren“.
  3. Choose who to send the invitation to via Telegram, or copy the invitation link and share it on your social media accounts.

This simple invitation process will not only allow you to share the fun of the game with your friends, but also earn additional bonuses in the form of Notcoin. Expand your social circle and enjoy increasing your virtual wealth with your friends in the Notcoin world!

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

Bonuses for inviting friends to Notcoin may vary depending on whether they have Telegram Premium:

  1. User without Telegram Premium: Both members receive a bonus of 2,500 Notcoin.
  2. User with Telegram Premium: Both members receive a more impressive bonus of 50,000 Notcoin.

In addition, for every time your friends move to the next league, you also get additional bonuses. This system incentivizes the development of your squad and its advancement in the rankings. Thus, not only inviting friends, but also their active participation in the game brings additional benefits and creates a powerful motivator for joint achievement of success in the world of Notcoin.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

How to withdraw Notcoin?

Unfortunately, at the moment information on how to withdraw Notcoin remains uncertain. At the moment, the withdrawal of coins is not provided, and it is possible that this will remain unfeasible. However, it is worth noting that there may be changes to this policy in the future.

How to send Notcoin?

As for sending Notcoin, this feature is also temporarily disabled, and will probably be restored in the future.

Notcoin price and exchange rate

There is no exact information regarding the value of Notcoin. This cryptocurrency has no set price, and the decision to leave this question open may represent an interesting feature of the project. All these aspects may change in the future, so it is recommended to follow the project updates and official information from the developers.

How to run Notcoin on PC (first way)

The desktop version of Telegram is limited in its ability to launch the game, it can only open a chat with the bot, but not initiate the game itself. Therefore, you do need a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to mine Notcoin.

However, there is a trick you can use to run the game on a PC. You can install any APK player for Android, such as BlueStacks, on your PC, or on Windows 11 run the Android Subsystem. After installing BlueStacks or Android Subsystem, you will be able to launch Telegram and play Notcoin on PC.

For optimal experience, it is recommended that you create a virtual Android machine with minimal resources enough to run Telegram. This will allow you to enjoy the game and mine Notcoin directly from your PC.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

The second way to run Notcoin mining game on PC (in browser)

Log in to Telegram Web from your computer, then go to chat with Notcoin Bot. Open the developer tools by pressing F12 (or open “Page source code”) and go to the “Network” tab. If necessary, refresh the page by pressing the F5 key.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

Click on the button intended for logging into the application. Then find the “event” event on the Network tab.

Notcoin review. How to mine Notcoin. Autoclicker for Notcoin. How to run Notcoin on PC. Telegram.

From the event we are interested in, copy the “u” parameter (the link will look something like the following):*D**GO*-**AA**AI***gwalO3m%26user%3D%257B%2522id%2522%253A2****0478%252C%2522first_name%2522%253A%2522*******%2522%252C%2522last_name%2522%253A%2522*******%2522%252C%2522username%2522%253A%2522******%2522%252C%2522language_code%2522%253A%2522ru%2522%252C%2522is_premium%2522%253Atrue%252C%2522allows_write_to_pm%2522%253Atrue%257D%26auth_date%3D170**16279%26hash%3D7dfa***db35***b593aa80f3***9858ca0649c5***cd001bf888888b770a3ff0e&tgWebAppVersion=7.0&tgWebAppPlatform=web&tgWebAppThemeParams=%7B%22bg_color%22%3A%22%23ffffff%22%2C%22button_color%22%3A%22%233390ec%22%2C%22button_text_color%22%3A%22%23ffffff%22%2C%22hint_color%22%3A%22%23707579%22%2C%22link_color%22%3A%22%2300488f%22%2C%22secondary_bg_color%22%3A%22%23f4f4f5%22%2C%22text_color%22%3A%22%23000000%22%2C%22header_bg_color%22%3A%22%23ffffff%22%2C%22accent_text_color%22%3A%22%233390ec%22%2C%22section_bg_color%22%3A%22%23ffffff%22%2C%22section_header_text_color%22%3A%22%233390ec%22%2C%22subtitle_text_color%22%3A%22%23707579%22%2C%22destructive_text_color%22%3A%22%23df3f40%22%7D

In the copied link, replace the parameter “tgWebAppPlatform=web” with “tgWebAppPlatform=ios“. tgWebAppPlatform=web We replace it with ios tgWebAppPlatform=ios. We send the changed link to the browser.

Open the modified link in your browser.

The session from the browser holds for 2 hours. In order for everything to work, you need to do some actions again. Limitations are related to a special webapp url (url with event), which cannot be generated without having an active telegram session (it can’t be done with a script in the browser).

Notcoin scoring

You can use a special script for automation, which refers to the second method (browser).

This script is designed to automatically collect missiles in the game, and automatically tap until a preset balance is reached. Below are the customizable parameters to fine tune the script:

  • powerLimitForAutotap: the parameter responsible for defining the target balance. The script will automatically tap to achieve this balance.Added a limit of x2 of your tap level (needed to collect all missiles and koins for them).
  • countclicks: parameter that determines the number of taps to perform the function. The script will execute the function the specified number of times.

By default, the script executes clicks every 500 ms, but you can experiment with this value for best results. The script also works on a minimized tab or browser.

Notcoin mining recruitment script for Notcoin mining via browser:

powerLimitForAutotap = 100
countclicks = 34
recharging = false
skipClick = false

let app_root = document.querySelector('div[class^="_root"]')
let multipleClicks = 45
if (multipleClicks === undefined || multipleClicks === null) { multipleClicks = 0; }

async function click() {
    let cc = document.querySelectorAll('div[class^="_notcoin"]');
    let scoreElement = document.querySelector('div[class^="_scoreCurrent"]');
    let score = parseInt(scoreElement.textContent);
    try {
        let imrocket = document.querySelectorAll('img[class^="_root"]');
        recharging = false;
    } catch (error) {}
    for (let step = 0; step < countclicks; step++) {
        score = parseInt(scoreElement.textContent);

        if (skipClick) {
        if (recharging) {
            if (score >= powerLimitForAutotap) {
                recharging = false;

        if (score > multipleClicks*2) {
            try {
                await new Promise((resolve) => {
                    setTimeout(resolve, 100);
            } catch (error) {}
        } else {
            recharging = true;

setInterval(click, 500);

function start() {
    skipClick = false;

function stop() {
    skipClick = true;

Is Notcoin worth mining?

Your concern and caution regarding the Notcoin project is understandable. After all, there are various situations in the world of cryptocurrencies and gaming projects, including fraudulent schemes. However, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. Reputation of the developer: Notcoin is a project from Pavel Durov, who is known as the co-founder of Telegram. He and his company have a solid reputation in the industry, and conducting a large-scale prank or joke that would damage that reputation seems unlikely.
  2. Official Information: Keep an eye out for official statements and updates from the developers. If a project has serious intentions and plans, they are likely to be announced publicly.
  3. Reviews and Discussions: Try to find reviews and discussions from other players who can share their experiences with Notcoin. This can give you an idea of what kind of experience people are having with the project.

Keep in mind that there is always a certain level of risk involved in the cryptocurrency sphere and caution should be exercised. Time will really tell how the situation around Notcoin will unfold, and keeping an eye on news and official information is an important step in assessing the reliability of the project.

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