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How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

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In this post, let’s take a look at the first steps in the world of trading digital assets on an exchange. Cryptocurrency, which has undeniably become an important investment instrument, presents some challenges for beginners. Let us offer a short tutorial on crypto trading.

Before taking up cryptocurrency trading on an exchange, you need to fully understand the risks of this multi-digit endeavor. Investing in digital assets can bring both tangible profits and significant losses, sometimes even the loss of all invested capital.

Given the extensive information background for a beginner, the process of trading cryptocurrency on the exchange may seem complicated, but the reality is not so. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to facilitate your first experience in this field.

What is cryptocurrency?

To begin with, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the definition of cryptocurrency to get an idea of the essence of this financial instrument.

At the moment, it is almost impossible not to hear about Bitcoin, especially in developed countries with wide access to the Internet. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that appeared ten years ago, became an object of surprise with its popularity and colossal capitalization in the first years of its existence. As time passed, new cryptocurrencies called “Altcoins” (alternatives to Bitcoin) appeared and the real take-off began: exchanges, exchangers, online wallets…. the formation of an entire industry, attracting the attention of large investors in exciting projects.

Cryptocurrency itself is a file or segment of data stored in a digital wallet. Each transaction or deal is registered in a special open database that ensures the functionality and functioning of this cryptocurrency. This resembles a huge network called a blockchain, with a unique instance for each cryptocurrency. The special code in the blockchain provides the maximum level of security using cryptographic protection. This prevents the possibility of transactions being tampered with or the coin being re-spent by attackers.

Asset security

Those supporting cryptocurrencies claim that they offer security and full transparency. While opponents express concerns about the possibility of digital money being used by criminals for anonymous financial transactions. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are gradually becoming acceptable to more and more law firms.

The best way to keep your own assets safe is to use complex passwords, enable two-factor authentication and avoid reusing the same passwords or login details for different exchanges or online wallets. It is important to stay away from dubious web resources and carefully analyze e-mails.

Particular attention should be paid to the private key and cid-phrase created when forming a bitcoin wallet. The private key is a cipher that provides access to your bitcoins. If someone else gains access to your private key, the coins will come into their possession. Personally, I prefer to use an Electrum wallet to store some of my bitcoins installed on my computer. I keep half of my assets on the Binance exchange in altcoins, trading constantly and making long-term investments.

First tips for a crypto trader

For those who are just starting their journey in the world of crypto trading, there is no universal strategy, but we can highlight key concepts and useful tips. These are far from standard formulas like “buy cheaper during the dump period and sell more expensive during the pump period”.

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies is a highly volatile game, and it is important to realize that the funds you are willing to invest should be surplus and liable to be lost at any moment. Avoid investing all of your savings in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin at once. Fate may throw up unpleasant surprises. Diversification is a key strategy, spread your funds across different assets.
  • Sharp rate fluctuations are common in the crypto market. Take a long-term view of your investments. When the price of a position drops, buy it gradually. This will help you average out your costs and eventually turn a profit, as the overall percentage of return will increase. Don’t panic if the price of your promising cryptocurrency temporarily drops – stay calm and wait.
  • When working on exchanges, use market and stop orders to sell or buy cryptocurrency. Stop orders will help you protect yourself from financial losses by being activated only when the rate reaches a certain value. For example, set a stop order to sell ETH at $2000 after you bought it at $1950. This will allow you to lock in profits and prevent losses in case of a sudden market crash when you can’t be online.
  • Stay up-to-date with developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. Follow news stories, such as Ilon Musk’s tweets, that have an impact on the market. Read information on topical websites and follow projects that attract investors’ attention. Pay special attention to events such as Bitcoin’s halving, which is often accompanied by an increase in its value. Keeping a record of planned halving of cryptocurrencies is important for understanding economic trends.

Which exchange to trade cryptocurrency on?

In today’s dynamic cryptocurrency environment, an abundance of various exchanges – both small and giant – have emerged. Some of them have successfully stood the test of time, emerging as trustworthy partners for users, while others have fallen victim to hacking attacks, leaving us to wonder whether this is a random occurrence or a clever ploy to swindle funds from users.

My involvement in the world of cryptocurrencies started in 2016, and in that time I had the opportunity to try out several exchanges. Some of them fully met my expectations by providing reliable services. I used their digital wallets for mining, held coins in hopes of long-term growth, and also engaged in short-term “day-trading”. This experience taught me how to differentiate between exchanges, choosing the ones that fit my needs and provide safe custody of my assets.

Here’s a look at my personal top crypto exchanges:

  1. Binance
  2. MEXC
  3. Xeggex
  4. NonKYC
  5. Okex

When I first dived into the world of mining, all the cryptocurrencies I earned were sent from pools to Poloniex. However, as time went on, the management started to crack down on miners, claiming that they only wanted traders. I had to switch to the convenient Exmo exchange, where I sometimes still conduct trades thanks to the attractive interface and chat. Now, for the most part, staying on Exmo is due to the community forming there, which gives meaning to the platform. The ability to track forecasts in real time via chat makes successful trading much easier. Both exchanges, Exmo and Poloniex, provide an excellent level of support and secure transactions.

Later on, I started looking for the perfect cryptocurrency exchange that could fully satisfy my needs. And that’s when I discovered BINANCE.

I was interested in the number of altcoins, allowing you to mine them directly on the wallet of the exchange and then trade them, gradually converting them into Bitcoins or Ether. The possibility of buying altcoins when they are listed, at the very beginning of trading, and then converting them into USDT also caught my attention.

The second criterion was the ability to withdraw fiat from the crypto exchange to a bank card with minimal or no commission. And here Binance just brilliantly realized P2P trading, where the exchange acts as a guarantor of the transaction between users. If someone wants to withdraw funds and another wants to replenish the cryptocurrency balance, they can conduct the transaction with a guarantee from the exchange. For example, when withdrawing funds to a bank card, another user transfers money from their card and the first user confirms receipt. This is really an amazing opportunity provided by Binance!

A small overview of the functionality of the Binance exchange

Binance is a leader among cryptocurrency exchanges and has achieved this status just 180 days after its launch. The platform offers extensive features and operations for its users. After a quick account registration, one can make a deposit and purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. Withdrawals are possible up to 2 BTC without the need for identification, but you should keep in mind that laws and regulations in the field of cryptocurrencies are constantly changing and the information may become outdated.

To start trading, it is enough to confirm your phone or email. If you wish to be verified, you will need to upload a photo of your document through the exchange’s interface. A document confirming your address such as a utility bill, bank statement or a document from a government agency is also required.

For experienced traders, Binance’s professional interface is provided with an extensive set of features including analytics. While beginners are provided with a special “Easy” interface devoid of unnecessary elements, which cannot confuse or deter novice users.

Exchange Opportunities:

  • Credit card deposits
  • Withdrawal of income to cards, bank accounts and hundreds of other payment systems via P2P exchange
  • Trading on the decentralized exchange DEX
  • Earning passive income in Binance Earn, staking
  • Futures trading and leveraged trading
  • Investing in Launchpad initial token offering
  • Investing through the purchase of domestic currency BNB
  • Using the domestic stable currency BUSD, which is equal to the US dollar, to lock in income when the market falls
  • Pool for Sha256 BTC and Ethereum mining

The Binance exchange was launched in 2017 in Hong Kong, its head is Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ. He is a very media-savvy person, actively keeping his tweeter active, sharing news.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Changpeng Zhao’s posts often have a huge impact on the rise of various cryptocurrencies, similar to Ilon Musk, but preferably the exchange director still PRs the internal BNB token. Prior to the creation of Binance, CZ has a history of high positions within the cryptocurrency industry, including the role of CTO of the crucial platform.

Binance services

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

The basic blocks of the classic trading window:

  1. Selected cryptocurrency, its current rate and dynamics of changes by periods
  2. The possibility to choose other currency pairs
  3. The graph of changes in the rate of the selected cryptocurrency (green candle – growth, red – fall)
  4. List of offers (green for buying, red for selling)
  5. Block of buying and selling, where you can specify a suitable price and number of tokens
  6. History of your operations, as well as open orders (which have not yet taken place).

Binance, with its huge range of trading pairs, gives traders the opportunity to create orders for a variety of currencies, and this variety is constantly replenished with new currencies every month. The appearance of a new cryptocurrency on the exchange is usually accompanied by a surge in its exchange rate, caused by a surge in demand. Experienced traders often resort to buying tokens on other exchanges, pre-listing them to then efficiently transfer them to the internal Binance wallet.

The listing of new tokens on the exchange is usually announced in advance, causing their prices to skyrocket. Binance has recently begun to more thoroughly check the quality of various tokens, and those that do not pass this check are delisted.

The exchange’s interface has all the necessary features, including stop loss, margin trading and built-in analytics. Commission is charged on trades, but you can reduce it by using BNB’s internal currency on your balance. At the moment the commission discount is 25%, but this will be reduced to 12.5% this year.

The commission for spot trading is 0.1%.

Spot trading is available in several interfaces. In the simple version you can quickly buy or sell cryptocurrency at the average market price, and in the professional version of the interface you will have access to in-depth analytics.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

With Binance Convert, you can quickly sell (exchange) one cryptocurrency for another (or fiat).

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

How to trade on the Binance exchange. Spot.

I will share a little bit of my experience in spot trading, I will not complicate things with deep analysis and other things, I will try to demonstrate the basics that will be suitable for beginners.

Basically, the funds to my account come from mining on Binance pool, to my BTC wallet from various services and from my Electrum on my computer, as well as from other exchanges I transfer to DOGE or BUSD (small commission). The pool pays out every morning and the coins go to the Deposits section, from where I periodically transfer them to Spot.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

If I have a mush of altcoins with a small balance, I usually use the option to automatically convert to BNB.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

This function can be used once a day.

I recommend keeping some BNB on the balance of the exchange, thanks to these coins, you get a discount when trading.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

So, if the account balance is positive, you should not rush and immediately run to trade. First, you need to evaluate two things:

  • What is the state of the market as a whole?
  • Between which cryptocurrencies to allocate your deposit in the relative long term (HODL long term storage)?

Go to the spot trading section.

On the right side of the list of cryptocurrency pairs against USDT (Dollar Stablecoin, which has the same exchange rate), we can observe a market decline at the moment, signaled by the red numbers of percentages with a minus sign.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

If your financial injections to the exchange were made in fiat currency, be it dollars or euros, then, in theory, now is a favorable moment to dive into the world of cryptocurrency. In case, however, your contribution consisted of cryptocurrency, it is highly recommended to wait for the right moment when the market starts its ascent, or, at the very least, trash some of your cryptocurrency portfolio if the incredible maelstrom of market events encourages you to consider keeping the fiat equivalent of your overall portfolio. But that’s a joke, of course. Uncertainty and fluctuations in market rates, shrouded in periodic ups and downs, are part and parcel of the natural course of events. There is even a special term for those traders who instantly sell off all their assets when the fear index rises – they are called Hamsters.

Let’s pay attention to the currency pair CFX/USDT

Let’s go to the CFX trading page for USDT. You can search for it.

Let’s take a look at the time chart with candlesticks.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

We can see from the chart that recently, the price has dropped, we can buy it now and wait for the next price hike when the whole market goes up. Even if the CFX rate drops a few more percent, it will be a great opportunity for an additional purchase. That is why do not spend the whole amount of fiat in one day in one order. Each additional purchase in a downtrend will eventually bring you a good total interest when the exchange rate rises, recouping your expenses.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Let’s buy CFX for 14 dollars. In the buy block you can choose: buy at limit or at market. Limit – you specify your price, for example, below the market, if you want to buy more profitable, but you will have to wait until the rate does not cross this figure, or above the market to buy faster, but it makes no sense as you will waste extra money. The most convenient solution is trading on the Market, where the latest current price of the coin is immediately indicated. You only need to specify the required quantity and create an order. Market orders are usually executed very quickly.

You can make a limit order with the CFX selling price we need. When the exchange rate rises, the order will be executed automatically, and there is no need to sit near the monitor all the time.

When the market declines, it is good to buy cryptocurrency for fiat money, but what to do when fiat simply runs out? Have a wide portfolio of different cryptocurrencies and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies in advance.

To properly create a cryptocurrency portfolio, you need additional financial capabilities and analyze the situation in the entire market. At your leisure, you will have to spend some time and study the latest news in the crypto industry. Identify promising projects and coins.

Every trader should have such popular and large capitalization cryptocurrencies as BTC, ETH, BNB, ETC, RVN, DOGE, DOT, XRP, SHIB, 1INCH, BCH, SOL, XMR, LTC.

Futures trading on Binance

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

In 2019, the exchange introduced an innovation in the form of futures trading, expanding the possibilities of speculating on the offered prices of cryptocurrencies. This innovation opened the door to increase profits by 125 times or, on the contrary, to the possibility of losing the deposit, providing traders with unique perspectives unavailable on other exchanges. The balance sheet system for such trading was clearly structured, with a separate space for futures known as the “Futures Wallet”. The balance sheet is fixed with stablecoins such as USDT and BUSD, creating a stable and predictable financial instrument. There is also a separate section for futures trading based on cryptocurrency, giving traders additional options to diversify their strategies.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

The interface of the futures trading window is similar to the spot one, but there is an additional multiplier block and control of open positions.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

The size of the commission when trading futures is only 0.004%

What is BNB?

BNB is an internal utility token of the Binance exchange, used in many sections of the platform, for which you can get a discount on trading commissions and many other interesting things…

  • Receiving 50% discount on transaction fees
  • token purchases in the Launchpad section
  • of steakage and dividends through Launchpool
  • payment for goods and services
  • intra-exchange trading

If you need a versatile and reliable token for various transactions and holding a variety of cryptocurrencies, then BNB is your indispensable choice. This token is not limited to BTC, ETH and other widely used cryptocurrencies, providing convenience in a variety of manipulations. Moreover, BNB regularly pleases its holders with various bonuses in the form of AirDrop coins.

In 2021, BNB confirmed its reputation as one of the most profitable tokens, providing market participants not only convenience in portfolio management, but also pleasant bonuses in the form of additional coins through the AirDrop system. All these factors have made BNB an attractive instrument for investors and traders, emphasizing its importance in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Earning on savings. Binance Staking.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

In the Earn section you can find different ways of earning on deposit that suit you. The essence is the same: hold a certain coin for PoS-mining and project support, and the exchange pays you for this farming. This process is called steaking. There are two main types of staking: Fixed and Flexible.

In fixed staking, you choose a certain period for which coins will be held for operations in the blockchain, and as soon as you find a block (as in normal mining) you will receive a percentage, income. This phenomenon is quite rare, so it is logical to invest large sums to speed up the process. You can withdraw your investment from fixed-stacking, but you will get less reward in the end, and the return of funds takes about three days.

With flexible staking, you can get rewards every hour by depositing coins, but it is less profitable compared to fixed staking, but you can immediately redeem your entire deposit if you need it.

Binance Launchpool

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Launchpool on the Binance exchange is an exciting tool that facilitates the support of projects on Binance Launchpad through a staking mechanism. As a developer, you can apply to have your project included, and as an investor, you have the opportunity to invest your coins in the staking pool, receiving project tokens in exchange. Over time, these tokens are listed on an exchange, accompanied by a short-term rate bump, providing a high-profit opportunity.

The process of steaking on Launchpool in Binance looks as follows: the project is announced, the terms of its farming are determined (often from one to two or three months). You can invest your funds in the pool using BNB, BUSD or other available coins. Every hour you have the opportunity to pick up the mined coins, similar to flexible steaking. It is important to make the right choice of the project to invest in, as token rates of different projects can pump differently after listing. This point requires careful observation to maximize the benefits.

If there is only one project in the Launchpool section, experimentation and testing can be key factors in determining the most profitable steaking option at the moment.

More options for earning with a deposit

Binance offers a huge number of ways to make money through deposit retention.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, a whole bunch of projects and problems are born every day, especially with blockchain scaling or capacity. The topic itself can be extremely difficult for newcomers, not to mention the fulfillment of the task of maintaining a project and making money from it. It can be too much of a hassle to participate in DeFi, for example. Binance does everything for you, you can achieve the desired result in just a couple of clicks.

DeFi (decentralized finance) is a way of providing financial services to users through smart contracts. Existing DeFi projects provide higher returns in certain currencies.

What are the advantages of DeFi-stacking on the Binance exchange?

  • Ease of use: to participate in DeFi-staking, you don’t need to manage private keys, purchase resources, make transactions, or perform other complex tasks. Binance’s versatile service allows users to earn generous rewards without having to open an on-chain wallet.
  • Funds are safe: to mitigate the risks associated with these projects, Binance selects only the best DeFi projects in the industry and monitors the DeFi system in real time.
  • Higher profitability: DeFi-stacking does not have high commissions associated with trading. With the same level of risks, users can get the highest possible profit.

Steaking in the DeFi section can be fixed or flexible.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Investing in DeFi projects can be called risky, but this segment of cryptocurrencies has become the basis for the entire market growth in 2020. These projects are popular and now have $41.38 billion invested in their smart contracts, according to defipulse.

Binance Staking – ETH 2.0

Ethereum blockchain developers are actively working on solving the scalability problem of the network, moving from mining using the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm to Proof of Stake (PoS). Binance offers the possibility of ETH 2.0 staking with yields of up to 5% per annum.
ETH staking hosted on Binance cannot be withdrawn until the full launch of Shard Chains. This means that your ETH will continue to participate in the steaking until the first phase of the upgrade. Binance will provide users with 1:1 BETH tokenized assets representing your ETH in the staking. These assets can be used for trading and withdrawals. Reverse exchange of ETH to BETH will be possible at a 1:1 ratio once the first phase of the ETH 2.0 upgrade begins.
The annual percentage yield is not directly calculated by Binance. The entire staking process, including rewards, depends on the state of the ETH network. The yield will depend on the total amount of ETH involved in the steaking – the larger the larger, the lower the individual yield. All 100% of the rewards in the network will be distributed among all participants depending on their contribution.


Auto-investing on the Binance exchange provides a convenient way to automate your cryptocurrency investments and earn passive income. This strategy is based on dollar cost averaging (DCA), which allows you to purchase cryptocurrency on a regular basis, regardless of the current market conditions. By choosing a specific cryptocurrency to purchase on a regular basis, you create a portfolio that can effectively adapt to price changes.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

The purchased cryptocurrency is automatically deposited into your floating deposit account, providing flexibility and accessibility to your funds. This approach allows you to not only build a long-term investment portfolio, but also earn passive income from a share of the proceeds or interest from your investments.

Using auto-investing on Binance simplifies the investment management process, freeing you from the need to constantly monitor the market. Instead, you can trust the automated mechanism to take care of your investments, making this method attractive for those looking to create a stable passive income in the world of cryptocurrency.

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  2. Customize the plan by specifying the purchase amount and selecting the desired stablecoin.
  3. Set up a regular period to buy cryptocurrency.

According to the potential income calculator, we can conclude that it is very profitable to use auto-investing during the year on some positions such as Solana or Ether.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

In other words, it is a way of earning money on deposit for the lazy. If you rarely engage directly in trading on the stock exchange, auto-investment is just for you. The option itself will determine which type of steaking will be profitable.

Exchange security

Security is a priority for Binance, and throughout its existence there has never been a single case of hacking and loss of user funds due to the exchange’s fault. Binance is committed to providing the highest standard of security for its users.

Although using a cold wallet on a computer or hardware dongle is considered more secure than storing funds in online wallets, Binance actively works to ensure the security of its online services.

In cases where a user has been victimized by a hacker, Binance has shown a high level of responsibility and responded promptly. The exchange has returned funds to users victimized by hacker attacks, blocking access to funds beforehand and transferring funds from the hacker’s balance to charity.

Binance also provides a wide range of tools to secure users’ account. This includes two-factor authentication, phone number binding, fixed IP address, using separate physical keys (such as YubiKey), creating an anti-phishing code, adding secure devices, and other measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Withdrawal of funds

Binance can offer you the following withdrawal options:

  • card withdrawal (no fee)
  • bank withdrawal (no commission)
  • withdrawal to Advcash (no commission)
  • withdrawal to Payeer (1% commission)
  • PTP trading (very small commission and different exchange rate)

How to withdraw money from Binance to card?

If you’ve exchanged everything into Dollars or Euros, you can use the most standard option of withdrawing from Spot Wallet to your card.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Take care of adding the payment method and card details in your personal cabinet in advance.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

But I recommend using P2P trading for withdrawals.

P2P Withdrawal from Binance

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a platform for direct currency exchange between users, providing a decentralized approach to exchanging funds.

On a P2P platform, unlike standard exchanges, currency exchange is done directly between participants and is placed in the “Trading” section. Upon entering the P2P section, the user is confronted with various options for exchanging funds, each providing a specific exchange rate. The user can select the required amount of currency to be exchanged and specify the preferred payment system they would like to receive.

The P2P platform allows users to interact directly, which provides greater flexibility and the ability to choose the best conditions for currency exchange. This method also eliminates the need for intermediaries and creates a simple and direct environment for exchanging funds between participants.

P2P trading allows you to withdraw your deposit to many payment systems that the exchange does not add directly itself. Sometimes you will even find offers with a more favorable exchange rate.

A transfer between users within the same bank attracts less attention than a transfer from a cryptocurrency exchange to a card.

In order to use P2P trading to withdraw funds from Binance, you must first transfer money from Spot to Deposits. It is better to do it in USDT, because it is a very popular stablecoin, or sell Ethers at once, if you are mining them on Binance pool. After that you need to go to the P2P trading section.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

On the P2P trading page the first thing you need to do is to select Sell (you want to withdraw money), specify the coin you want to sell (USDT or ETH), in Fiat you will specify USD, in Payment you choose a bank or payment system.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.

Below you will be able to notice the list of merchants that are ready to exchange, pay attention to the number of executed orders, their fulfillment percentage, the rate at which they buy up your coins and the limit.

The higher the merchant limit, the more favorable the exchange rate. So it is better to partially fix the profit from mining or trading in USDT, and leave some part in ETH or BTC, hoping for the growth of the exchange rate, and then withdraw a relatively large amount.

Binance mobile app

For ease of use of the Exchange, it is strongly recommended to download and install the mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This application provides mobile access to the exchange’s functionality, allowing users to easily manage their accounts and conduct trading operations regardless of their location.

While there is also a desktop version of the program, it is worth noting that it replicates the interface of the web version of the exchange. The mobile application offers a more optimized and adapted interface for devices with touch screens, which provides a more comfortable and intuitive interaction with the exchange on mobile devices.

The choice between the mobile app and the desktop version depends on individual user preferences, but the mobile app is usually more convenient to use on the go or in situations where you do not have access to a personal computer.

How to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Binance review. Cryptocurrency trading training.


I hope that the information provided in this article will help many novice traders to achieve a profit in earning with cryptocurrencies.

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