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How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

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Nexellia coin

A small instruction on how to set up Nexellia cryptocurrency mining. Where to get a wallet, which pool to connect to, how to set up miners in Windows and HiveOS? On which exchange will the NXL coin be listed? About all this below in the article.

About Nexellia Project

The Nexellia network is a revolutionary project based on the Kaspa blockchain, the fastest, most decentralized and fully scalable Layer-1 open source blockchain in the world. Its uniqueness is not only seen in its use of the GPU-centric Karlsen algorithm to address the prevalence of ASIC mining, which is designed to support small miners and strengthen the decentralization of the network. Nexellia is also characterized by its innovative approach and technological solutions to overcome the many challenges facing modern blockchain projects.

Nexellia Official Web-site
Nexellia Explorer
Nexellia GitHub
Nexellia Discord

Nexellia applies an ultra-secure blockchain network without sacrificing decentralization. This is achieved by using a pure proof-of-work mechanism without the need for staking, and by utilizing the revolutionary GhostDAG consensus mechanism.

Unlike traditional blockchain systems, GHOSTDAG does not discard blocks created simultaneously, but allows them to coexist by establishing consensus-based sequencing. In the context of Nexellia, this gives it characteristics close to what can be observed in the blockchain, and the dynamics of GHOSTDAG can be monitored using a real-time blockchain visualizer.

This advanced form of Nakamoto consensus ensures secure transactions while maintaining an impressive block transfer rate (currently one block per second, with targets of 32 blocks/second and the prospect of reaching 100 blocks/second) and incredibly low confirmation times, where Internet latency is a major contributor.

The Nexellia implementation includes many innovative features and sub-protocols. These include Reachability for DAG structure estimation, block data pruning, SPV proofs and upcoming subnetwork support, which will greatly simplify the integration of Layer 2 solutions in the future.

Distributed artificial intelligence network on BlockDAG

The development of a distributed artificial intelligence (AI) network is a unique approach where each BlockDAG node functions as an autonomous AI agent. These agents join forces to perform various tasks such as machine learning, data processing, and decision making within the BlockDAG framework. This ensures efficiency, transparency and security of the processes in the network.

Anticipated benefits:

  1. Distributed Learning: Utilize BlockDAG for collaborative and distributed learning, allowing nodes to share data and knowledge to improve the overall performance and accuracy of machine learning models.
  2. Security: Increased security by decentralizing BlockDAG, making the network less vulnerable to centralized attacks and keeping data and AI models safe.
  3. Real-time data processing: Enable efficient real-time data processing due to BlockDAG’s high data rate, enabling rapid response to changes in data and environment.
  4. Interoperability: Utilizing smart contracts to enable interoperability between different nodes and applications in the network, which promotes convenient and flexible interactions.

Challenges to be addressed:

  1. Data Security: Securing private data by applying advanced encryption and data access control techniques.
  2. Big Data Processing: Developing efficient algorithms and infrastructure to process and manage large amounts of data, including process optimization and the use of parallel computing.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Complying with legal and regulatory standards for data protection, privacy, and security to ensure that the use of AI on the network is legal and secure.

Potential applications:

  1. Smart Cities: Managing urban infrastructures using artificial intelligence to optimize resource utilization and improve the comfort level of residents.
  2. Gaming: Enhancing the gaming experience through AI-driven ecosystems to help create more realistic and engaging game worlds.
  3. Healthcare: Securely analyzing medical data to identify patterns and prevent disease, and using AI to predict the spread of infections and epidemics.
  4. Finance: Applying AI in finance for real-time market analysis, trading decisions, and investment management.

The innovative combination of blockchain and neural networks used in modern artificial intelligence models (such as ChatGPT and Hermes) presents a unique opportunity to combine the benefits of both technologies. This opens the door to revolutionary applications that can fundamentally transform key industries such as gaming, urban planning, healthcare and finance.

Nexellia’s Tokenomics

The blockDAG architecture with high block rate promotes increased decentralization of mining and enables efficient solo mining even at low hash rates. Nexellia’s monetary policy is quite simple: each year’s block reward will be split in half with an initial block reward of 12 NXL. This will result in a maximum offer of NXL 788,940,000. It is important to note that this policy determines the number of coins created each second, regardless of the block rate. Hence, if the blockchain exchange rate changes in the future, the reward for each block will be changed to ensure a constant level of issuance.

Here is the total number of NXL coins that have been mined as of various dates:

  • As of January 26, 2025: 378,691,200 NXL (47.97% of the total supply).
  • As of January 26, 2026: 586,036,800 NXL (74.24% of total supply).
  • As of January 26, 2027: 662,709,600 NXL (83.95% of total supply).
  • As of January 26, 2028: 725,824,800 NXL (92% of total supply).

It’s also worth considering that the last block will be mined on January 26, 2055.

Nexellia listing, rate, exchange.

The Nexellia project is developing and the NXL coin has already been listed on exchanges.

NXL exchange

NXL exchange rate at the time of writing is 0.13203 USDT

To send coins from a pool or wallet, create an exchange wallet, for example, on Xeggex.

Under Your Wallet, type NXL in the search text box and you will see coins in the list.

Click on Deposit, you will be taken to the page with the wallet address for NEXELLIA.

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

You can mine at this address, just set up payouts from the pool that they were once a day.

Nexellia wallet

Nexellia Web wallet is now available on the official website of the project.

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

Now you don’t need to run Node on your computer.

When creating a new wallet, you will need to come up with a complex password that contains lowercase and uppercase letters, a few numbers and so on… Save the Seed-phrase to recover your wallet. Such wallets like to turn on the douche and will ask you to enter some words from the secret phrase.

Eventually it will show you the wallet address on the main screen:

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

Nexellia pool

Let’s check which Nexellia mining pool is the largest and most popular. To do this, we will traditionally use the miningpoolstats monitoring service.


Here are the specs on the Herominers pool:

Algorithm: KarlsenHash

ParameterPoolSolo Mining
Хешрейт пула53.05 TH/s5.30 TH/s
Всего майнеров на пуле3112 (10393 workers)297 (902 workers)
Blocks Found Every1 second (estimated)14 seconds (estimated)
Current Effort19.4%N/A
Avg. Effort% (1d/7d/30d)99.5/97.8/97.8N/A
Pool Fee (комиссия пула)0.9%0.9%
Минимальная выплата0.1 NXL0.1 NXL
Интервал выплат1 hour1 hour

NXL mining pool servers:

РегионАдрес и порт сервера
Central Europe (Germany)
Northern Europe (Finland)
North America – East (Canada)
Eastern Europe (Russia)
North America – West (USA)
North America – East (USA)
South America (Brazil)
Asia (HongKong)
Asia (South Korea)
South Asia (India)
SouthEast Asia (Singapore)
Western Asia (Turkey)
Oceania (Australia)

Miners for Nexellia

BAT-files of miner configurations



@echo off
cd %~dp0

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm karlsenhash --pool --wallet nexellia:qztefhnqsv336phqwk7q7tcaqfe434n7mu6fq7p3jpah2a9ehxr9k0l7pwztl --password worker1


lolMiner.exe --algo KARLSEN --pool --user nexellia:qztefhnqsv336phqwk7q7tcaqfe434n7mu6fq7p3jpah2a9ehxr9k0l7pwztl.worker1


@echo off
@cd /d "%~dp0"

:: mine to herominers
rigel.exe -a karlsenhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u nexellia:qztefhnqsv336phqwk7q7tcaqfe434n7mu6fq7p3jpah2a9ehxr9k0l7pwztl -w worker1 --log-file logs/miner.log


@echo off
bzminer -a karlsen -w nexellia:qztefhnqsv336phqwk7q7tcaqfe434n7mu6fq7p3jpah2a9ehxr9k0l7pwztl.worker1 -p stratum+tcp://

For SOLO mining, simply use this prefix before the address solo:ADDRESS

-w solo:nexellia:qztefhnqsv336phqwk7q7tcaqfe434n7mu6fq7p3jpah2a9ehxr9k0l7pwztl.worker1

Nexellia HiveOS

In order to start mining Nexellia on the HiveOS operating system, you will need to create an account with the corresponding service. After that, download the latest distribution image and burn it to a flash drive or hard drive using the balenaetcher program. Once this step is complete, all that will remain is to connect all farms to the system and log in to your personal account via the web interface to manage your regs.

The first step will be to add your Nexellia wallet address to your HiveOS account. After that, you will be able to start mining without any unnecessary obstacles.

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

Coin has not been added to HiveOS yet, but that’s okay, you can prescribe anything at all.

Let’s move on to configuring the flight sheet.

flight sheet for NXL
NXL’s HiveOS flight sheet

Specify the coin, wallet, pool and its server.

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

Next is the miner. I suggest using either lolminer or Rigel for Nvidia.

Overclocking GPU in Nexellia mining on karlsenhash algorithm

For recommendations on GPU settings in HiveOS, you can refer to popular presets that are frequently used by other users. You can also visit the website and go to the “Benchmarks” tab where you can click on your specific graphics card model to view the optimal overclocking settings. This will allow you to tune your mining system for maximum efficiency when running Nexellia.

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

Examples of overclocking

RTX 3080 Average OC


--coff 200 --cclk 1485 --mclk 810 --pl 250 


--cclock 200 --lock-cclock 1485 --lock-mclock 810 --pl 250 

RTX 3080 High OC


--coff 100 --cclk 1680 --mclk 810 --pl 250 


--cclock 100 --lock-cclock 1680 --lock-mclock 810 --pl 250 

RTX 4090


--coff 300 --cclk 2400 --mclk 810 --pl 400 

NXL Yield

The daily yield of Nexellia mining can be calculated in the mining calculator at

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

NXL coin is profitable on Nvidia graphics cards for now

How to Mine Nexellia (NXL). Wallet, pool, miner, exchange listing, NXL rate.

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